Our services

Our loyalty system and media campaigns enable your team to create campaigns that drive personalized interactions which increases revenue and improves customer satisfaction.

POS Integrated Mobile Application

We have CRM mobile apps for your business. Just like the web, this application allows the customers to register and check rewards, get notications about your newest promotions, and connect to your social media account, etc.

Raptor CRM

feature rich and technologically superior. Whether you plan to implement a loyalty points system, a cash rebate system, or use the traditional way of providing discounts, we will be able to configure the system the way you need it.

Online Membership System

At the POS, our software tracks and rewards in real time based on actual customer behavior. It also delivers up-to-date account information on every POS you have. Raptor will work with a single store or a thousand store brand.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

You’ll have the ability to place incentives on targeted accounts and notify those members about the promotions via web, emails, sms or push messaging.

POS / CRM Integrated Web Site

We provide a rich interface that easily plugs into your own existing web site. This interface allows customer to register new members and synchro- nize data your POS


Manage effective loyalty programs for your customers. Our aim is to provide a powerful and yet simple platform for the stores to provide excellent service to the customers. Raptor CRM which is very scalable is also fully integrated with the Raptor POS system.

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