At Raptor, we offer a comprehensive sales and information management solution for the F&B and Retail industry. We provide both hardware as well as software to facilitate a truly one-stop solution for our clients.


Raptor uses the latest technology and hardware, and constantly invest in research & development to stay ahead of the industry, without compromising on reliability and user-friendliness.

Our clients leverage on our complete solution to optimize their sales operations and enhance customer experience.

Why Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management requires constant evolution as customersare faced with ever-growing information and choices. Thusit is increasingly important to understand your customers and execute effective programs to keep them highly engaged. Equip yourself with the right technology to manage customer data, as well as to implement campaign and loyalty programs that can run seamlessly to enhance customer relationships and experience. Better customer satisfaction will incite more customer spend and expand loyal customer base, translating into revenue growth for you.


Raptor CRM
Raptor CRM is a feature-rich and technologically advanced integrated platform. The dynamic and yet intuitive functions allow you to obtain insightful customer intelligence, and configure different customer engagement programs, such as loyalty points system, cash rebate system or direct discounts. It also has functions that enable you to execute marketing campaigns at targeted customer segments and track campaign effectiveness. In fact, Raptor CRM is an integrated single platform that is highly scalable for you to manage front-to-back end customer data, as it can be seamlessly integrated with Raptor POS system, Raptor Business Intelligence Suite, mobile apps and websites.
Thus, Raptor provides full suite of solutions for you to implement smoother front-end sales operations, more optimal back-office management, as well as creating the best possible experience for your customers.



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