Engaging customers on the move

Engaging customers on the move


With the advent of advanced mobile devices bringing in connectivity, mobile marketing has become an interactive platform for businesses to reach a far wider and more diverse audience at real time at much lower costs.

Raptor CRM allows you to engage customers on their mobile devices, in real time at the clicks of a few buttons. You can send marketing campaigns through multi-channels, either on-demand basis, or schedule them to be sent out on automated basis.

Email and SMS Blasts; Push Messages

Send text messages or emails to customers to alert them of promotions and special events, and even appointment reminders.

Mobile apps

Customers can download mobile app onto their mobile phones, so they have one-touch access to you. On the app, they can register their membership, check rewards or get notification about your store’s special deals or launches. They can be even connected to your social media apps.

Since mobile apps can be easily shared among users, mobile marketing can have huge viral benefits. Your customers caneasily share about what they love about you and your special offers with their friends and family, so your business get a lot more exposure with no extra effort.


Mobile connectivity with your customers means:

  • Enabling one-touch accessibility to you
  • Increasing your visibility & exposure
  • Reinforcing your brand
  • Generating repeat business
  • Enhancing loyalty
  • Allowing wide-spread referral or word-of-mouth business

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