Samsung thermal printer SRP-350 has all the benefits for your needs,

Worldwide market proven quality !!!

Look no further for thermal printing on 80mm wide paper, the Samsung SRP-350 is all you need. Not only for the retail environment but also for medical, warehouse, manufacturing, mail order etc. Benefiting from Windows and OPOS drivers this great printer is easy to integrate to any system.

Fast speed and reliability you can expect from a leading manufacturer. Providing simplicity for the operator with “drop and print” paper loading and ease of connectivity for the technician with interchangeable interfaces and industry standard drivers. The modern design and small footprint enhance any environment.

• The high speed in its class
The high performance thermal printer the SRP-350 is a must have for any fast moving retail or hospitality environment. It produces receipts, coupons, and tickets at a staggering 150mm per second, without the distracting noise associated with impact printers.

• Easy System Integration
With fast moving technology in IT solution it is important to have simple integration of peripheral devices. The SRP-350 is no exception, drivers are available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/XP and OPOS.

• Drop In and Print Paper Loading
A simple drop-in loading system means that even inexperienced operators can load paper rolls with the minimum of effort.

• Software utilities
Logo/firmware download program helps you use logo efficiently and easily. Also available is the Store Maker logo download utility allowing updates of logos and coupons.
• Designed for ease of use and convenience
The SRP-350 has a small footprint that allows for flexible placement
on a countertop or wall suing an optional wall mount bracket.

• Applications
– POS system
– Kitchen printer
– Electronic scale
– Measuring equipment
– Lottery