In this modern era, information technology has developed so fast. Most of all types of transactions have been computerized. The advances in information technology make all kinds of transactions to be completed quickly and easily.

Raptor E Menu comes with an elegant and modern types.It is the singular wonderful restaurant ordering software that helps you teleport your menu from paper to screen. Booking and payment transactions will be easier, accurate, and paper usage for ordering food or drinks can be minimized.

It can also facilitate the customers when they come to the restaurant and the waiter did not have to worry about that many customers.For example, when customer comes, the waiter did not need to bring a menu or even you do not have to wait for the customer to choose the menu.Customers can select and order food in the menu using the gadget in the table. Then, E Menu will be integrated with kitchen, bar and cashier.Even if a customer requires a waiter, E menu provides a button to call the waiter, so that customers do not need to ask manually or waved. If the customer is already completed then touch ‘ask for bill’ button. A system that can be beneficial to the restaurant in terms of efficiency, it minimizes order errors.