Raptor Offers Secure Payment at Table – Convenient and Increased Productivity
It is frustrating for guests to live through a long billing process resulting from repeated trips by service staff in bringing the bill, closing the bill, and performing a credit card transaction. Even more so when they are presented with wrong bills or card charge slips. The low productivity disengages operations in
restaurants leaving behind dissatisfied customers and a higher cost of operation.

To solve these problems, Raptor Table Payment provides a secure payment solution by bringing
payment to the table. This is the most advanced payment system in the market and guarantees to
improve customer satisfaction and service speed.

With an almost unlimited usability range, this
solution can be implemented anywhere and quickly. Raptor Table Payment allows your staff to print a bill, close a bill ,and perform a credit card transaction, all within a single step. With such efficiences, we can expect improved sales and many more satisfied

Benefits at Glance
– Improve overall service quality and customer interaction
– Achieve higher wait staff productivity while increasing revenues through process efficiencies
– Increase table turns and customer satisfaction by shortening the payment process
– Consumers maintain control of their card. Enjoys a significantly higher level of personal security and reduces fraud potential
– Multiple payment terminals can be used concurrently improving speed

Raptor Table Payment Managed Payment Solution
Raptor Table Payment uses current technologies to provide a complete seamless solution for our users. This solution uses a PCI Security Standards Council approved Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN entry device (PED)