Recent research indicates that 60 percent of merchants admit that their stores are lacking in a personalized customer experience, and 75 percent of merchants realize they lose customers due to wait-related issues.

Savvy merchants have realized that embracing technology, both at the front of the store and in the cash-office, is an ideal way to improve the overall store experience and address these pain points. Merchants can leverage self-service solutions to provide a value-added service within the store, while also implementing advanced currency, check and cash-drawer processing solutions to redirect employee time to more high-value customer interactions.

Offering the convenience of self-service kiosk counters in their stores, merchants can generate additional revenue in a small footprint, drawing in new customers and increasing the frequency of return visits. Additionally, coin redemption keeps cash in stores, and customers appreciate the convenience of redeeming coin and shopping in one trip.

Self-service kiosk can be a revenue generator for merchants. Labor costs are rising and consumers are demanding ever faster, more convenient service. By setting their own coin redemption fees, merchants can gain a valuable source of additional revenue.

Self Service KIOSK by Raptor POS System - Changi Airport
Self Service KIOSK by Raptor POS System – Changi Airport