backoffice screen

The Backoffice is a complete management tool for managers, accountants and owners of any F&B establishment. It is easy to use and has many features covering areas such as, security, promotions, customer relations, marketing and reporting.


1 PLU/Item User can add, edit or delete a PLU/Item easily and fast.
2 Menu Create Menus easily with drag and drop methods. Screen layout can be easily design by dropping menus in desire location.
3 Promotion This feature allows users to create promotions in advance. All promotion are date and time defined. For example, a bar can create a Tuesday night cocktail promotion of 40% discount between 6pm to 8pm, from 1st October to 30th November. Therefore, on a Tuesday night, between the specific times, any orders for cocktails, the system will automatically give a 40% discount. This way, owners and management will have the peace of mind knowing that the right discounts are given to the right items at the right times.Buy X pay for Y promotion available.Buy X Free Y available.Group Discounts available.Sell at X sell band available.
4 Membership System In today’s highly competitive hospitality industry, the success of a food and beverage business boils down to its ability to expand and secure its customer base through personalisation of products and services to attract new patronage, encourage repeat visits and incite higher spending. All this requires timely and accurate information for strategic planning and decision making. The Raptor Membership and Loyalty Points Module provide exactly that The points system does not only award points based on dollar value spent but points can also be associated to specific items to make these items more attractive. Once enough points are accumulated, the member can redeem them for items offer by the outlet. All redemption can be performed at the point-of-sales terminal.
5 Employees Employee details can be kept and maintain in the Raptor system. This is used for time attendance module and also for record purposes.
6 Operators Operators refers to the users of the system. Each user can be authorized specific functions. This is a security feature to control proper use of the features at the POS. Management can also define the number of voids allowed per sale and per day for an operator.
7 Journal This electronic journal records every key strokes perform by an operator. Each entry is date and time stamp. This is particularly useful for investigation purposes.
8 Cost Centre The Cost Centre provides the ability for business owners or management to define operational costs such as monthly rental, salaries, utilities, maintenance, licences fees and any other fix cost that an establishment may have. This way, base on these defined costs, the sales revenue collected from the point-of-sale, and the cost of sales from the inventory module, a profit and lost statement can be generated to show the profitability of the business.
9 Reports The most important factor that makes a hospitality system complete is the ability to gather data and compute the data into useful information that appears in the form of reports. The Raptor POS system has a whole list of reports to select from. The Raptor report generator is flexible, easy to use and most importantly, comprehensive. All reports can be run in real-time for any date and time range. Furthermore, all reports generated by Raptor can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel or Word by a simple click of the mouse. Members Report – this section is dedicated to reports based on the membership module. As members’ purchase history is tracked and along with members’ details, numerous reports can be generate for marketing purposes.


Report Listing :
Sales Report
Sales Device – Sales reported by individual device or revenue centers.
Sales Device Summary
PLU/Item Report
PLU/Item Price Levels
PLU/Item Sales Category
PLU/Item Profit/Loss
PLU Promotion Details
Hourly Report
Shift Report
Top/Least Selling Items
Discount/Promotion Summary
Void/Refund Items (by Operator)
Void/Refund Items Summary
FOC/ENT Bill Summary
Transfer Items
Zero Cashing Details
Bill Adjustments
Redemption Items
Rental Items
Media Collection
Receipt Report
Operator Summary
Operator Performance
Profit/Loss Statement