RAPTOR Business Intelligence enables businesses to easily analyze profitability, cash requirements, table turns, covers instantaneously across multiple outlets. These information can be accessed real-time from our website. With our easy to view dash boards, sales data can be easily deciphered with a quick look.

RAPTOR BI empowers the users with timely information, thereby enabling proactive decision making. RAPTOR BI reports can be scheduled to be delivered to users on time, every time. RAPTOR BI also enables users to manage by exception by alerting the user with the information that needs his attention rather than expecting the user to be buried in a pile of reports. Business information can be in your own customized format – be it in excel or PDF template. Raptor BI allows users to upload their own templates and view the reports in the way they are already accustomed to seeing certain reports. Reports need not be viewed in a single format – rather it enables users to attach multiple formats to each report.

All these information can be provided to you with a low monthly cost without the high up front investments of traditional business intelligence tools.