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Managing Membership & Loyalty Programs

In today’s highly competitive hospitality & retail industry, the success of your business boils down to its ability to expand and secure its customer base through personalization of products and services to attract new patronage, encourage repeat visits and incite higher spending. All these require timely and accurate information for strategic planning and decision making. The Raptor POS CRM Module provides exactly that.

At the shop front, the CRM Module within the POS system enables the awarding of the points / rebate not only based on dollar value spent but points / rebates that can also be associated to specific items. This allow you to make your loyalty or reward system more attractive to customers. Once enough points are accumulated, the member can redeem them for items offered by the outlet. All awarding of points and redemptions can be performed directly through the POS terminal in real time even for brands with multiple outlets.

To further equip you with the right technology to enhance customer experience, Raptor has launched a full suite of CRM solution: 

raptor_crm_logo_small  : A Complete Solution to boost Customer Relationships on One Platform

Raptor CRM leverages on the power of your shop-front data captured by Raptor POS system, to provide you a complete solution to establish multi-channel engagements with your customers.

You can run membership & loyalty programs, execute campaigns / marketing activities, analyse customer behavior and even track marketing out come etc effortlessly, all on ONE Platform.