Raptor Point of Sales (POS) was designed to be quick and easy to use. The POS / Point of Sales interface screens are carefully designed so that all type of transactions will take the minimum number of screen touches. For instance, a bartender would only require only two key presses to sell a beer to a guest at the bar. After all, isn’t the hospitality industry all about providing excellent service? Every click on the screen is captured which provides unparalleled security. With a full audit feature in the Raptor backoffice, every change in price / promotion is captured too, gone are the days when changes are made in the system and no one knows who did it.

Raptor Point of Sales / POS software provides you the ability to quickly train a waiter, new cashier or even a new manager. All transactions are executed based on a logical process, which incorporates screen layouts that makes the next key press almost predictable. This means with the reduced training times, your staff can spend more time serving customers instead, and this of course will contribute to the success of your establishment.


1 Quick Order The ability to perform a quick sale without having to open a table.
2 Table Service Alphanumeric table numbering for table service environment.
3 Take away order The ability to perform take away orders with no service charge.
4 Deliveries Additional delivery charge for orders.
5 Combined orders Dine in orders and take away orders can be put in 1 bill with the different service charge and taxes.
6 Covers Function to record number of persons on each table.
7 PLUs Unlimited number of items.
8 Menu/Item Easy access to menus and items.  Multiple pages available.
9 Open PLUs / Price User is able to enter description and price from POS when needed.
10 Link Menu Link menu available for items with condiments and choice combinations
11 Kitchen Order To send items to the respective kitchen printers.
12 Modifiers Allows users to attached kitchen instructions to individual item.
13 Kitchen Talk Allows user to send message to kitchen printers.
14 Voids All Void – voids entire balanced bill.Last Item Void – voids last item ordered.Select Void – able to select items in bill to void.** Number of voids can be controlled and defined for each individual operator.
15 Refund To refund item or bill…normally due to wrong billing such as over charge.
16 Bill Adjust Able to adjust the payment type after bill has been settled.  Eg. Amex amend to Visa.
17 Transfer table To transfer contents of one table to another or merge more than one table bill to one.
18 Transfer Item Ability to transfer item to another bill or table.
19 FOC/ENT Bill or Item To settle a bill as “free-of-charge” for complimentary to guest or entertainment purposes. Taxes will not be included.
20 Promotions Automatic or manual promotion.  User can preset a promotion that will activate based on date/time defined by user. Buy X Free Y, Buy X Pay Y, Vouchers, Group discounts, Rebates (Spend $X, receive $Y rebate)
21 Mix & Match Promotions This is a special promotion where specific items within a department are purchased; the discount given for every item can be varied. Example, the 1stitem gets 10% discount, 2nd item gets 20% discount, 3rd item get 40% discount.
22 Membership To post a bill to a member.  Automatic privileges will apply if any. Loyalty points will be awarded if active. Upon swiping of member’s card, member’s details along with photo (optional) will be displayed on screen. Full membership tracking (spending, purchases, favorite items, points etc)Credit Memrbers – To post bill into account where member pays at end of month.Cashless Members – Members can put cash value onto their card, where the value will be deducted upon purchases.Normal Members – Members pay at point of purchase.Supports Magnetic swipe, RFID (MiFare), Biometric (Fingerprint)
23 Redeem Points User can redeem member’s points at point-of-sales.  Member’s points will be updated on-line.
24 Rental Rental items where the eventual price will be determined by the time period.  For example, pool tables @ $10/hr.  Raptor will calculate to the nearest minute.
25 Split Bill Ability to split a bill to several other individual bills. Click and drop method is used to select items from source to destination.
26 TDivide Bill Divides the bill equally between the covers.
27 View Trans To view all tables, opened and closed.
28 Table Reservation To register a reservation in advance.
29 Table Management A layout of the tables in an establishment.  A visual effect for quick opening of tables.  Colour code to denotes a table is available/opened/hold. Support unlimited number of sections.
30 Deposits A deposit can be collected for a particular event or bill….where it can be use to offset the final bill.
31 Discounts Item Discount and Bill Discount.  Pre-defined discounts or “Open Discounts” available.
32 Discounts lock Able to lock discounts for certain items in the menu. Able to control discounts given by any staff.
33 Room Charge To post a bill to a Hotel Room.
34 Bottle Management Manage unfinished kept bottles in system.
35 Stock countdown Tracking of 1 in – 1 out stock with quantity shown on the buttons
36 Tax Exempt Ability to exempt tax on bill.
37 Zero Sales To open cash drawer without any sales transacted.
38 Time Attendance To clock in/out staff attendance.  To record and report on staff working duration. Option of using PIN, Magnetic stripe cards, RFID Cards, Fingerprint.
39 Order by PLU Number User can order item by entering PLU number.
40 Happy Hours Unlimited happy hours period per day.
41 Price Shift User can shift an item to another price level.  10 price levels available.
42 Seat Numbering User can select a seat number of a table followed by the items.  This is to denote which items are ordered by which guest on the respective table.
43 Pre-paid system Pre-paid membership system allows a cashless payment system.
44 Post-paid system Post paid system, similar to the “Marche” concept where payment is made upon leaving the premise.
45 Reports X/Z reports for sales, operator sales, PLU/Item, Department and Group.
46 SMS Reports Z (end of day) reports can be automatically sent via SMS.
47 Fully Tracked Vouchers Vouchers can be fully tracked via serial number and expiry date.
48 Integrated with different payment systems Ezlink, NETS, OCBC Credit Cards, Blitz Payment
49 Blackberry Reporting Allows real-time viewing of reports via Blackberry
50 Integrated to Accounting Systems Integrated to popular accounting programs like FACT, Accurate.
51 IOS order station Using Apple iPad or iPod as order stations
52 Android order station Using Android OS as order stations
53 E-menu ordering Customer e-menu ordering system