Ease of use

Raptor Retail enables your employees to learn POS procedures in minutes.Track and manage inventory using any stock, sales method and inventory types that include standard, matrix, voucher, non-inventory, and weighed. Track item movements and supplier histories, quickly generate purchase orders, and add items on the fly. All reports and purchase orders can be exported to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel for easy customization.

Customer Relationship Module

Raptor’s own CRM module allows effective tracking of customers’ spending, frequency of visits and accumulation of rebates or loyalty points. Setting of customized promotions for different groups of customers. You will be able to generate reports for your establishment for the execution of appropriate marketing strategies to incite higher spending and entice new customers. A recent development to the CRM module is to create your very own app to run on the current smartphones (Android, iOS, Blackberry). This allows you to directly interact personally to your customers by sending “Push” messages or email blasts.

Raptor Cloud Services

Raptor is able to run directly from the cloud using Raptor’s proprietary cloud services. By running Raptor cloud, all information is updated real time to the central HQ. It is also possible for Raptor to host the cloud service or Raptor can setup the cloud service for your own maintenance.